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Deltagebied Vlaadingen tank storage is a set of interrelated individual or groups of tanks for storage or accumulation of oil and oil products. Deltagebied Vlaadingen storage tank farms are equipped with technological pipelines, valves and pumps for inner transfers, systems of loss reduction products, security, extinguishing systems and automation tools.

Deltagebied Vlaadingen storage Tank farms provide the uniform loading of long distance pipelines, accumulation of stocks of the emergency and strategic reserve, increase of reliability of systems of oil supply of a national economy as a whole within Rotterdam tanks are well connected for easy and effective transfer of goods and services.

Deltagebied Vlaadingen storage tank farms is a legal partner of the oil fields, oil depots, head and intermediate pumping stations of the main oil pipelines, refineries, petrochemical complexes, as well as an independent company in the Netherlands and in Europe.

By the our company method of storage tanks we placing tank farms are divided into:

  • elevated and ground tank farm, it is equipped with steel vertical cylindrical oil tanks with a stationary or floating roof;
  • semi-underground tank farm, it is equipped with concrete tanks with lining inside the steel sheet or without it;
  • underground tank farm, it can make significant reserves of products in small areas compared to ground or semi- underground ones;
  • underwater tank farm, it consists of underwater tanks or tankers.

Elevated, ground and semi-underground tank farms consist of groups of tanks. Distances between tanks in tank farms are limited according to sanitary and fire protection regulations and rules. Capacity of elevated, ground and semi-underground tank farms does not exceed 1 million m and is limited to the sizes of the taken-away territory.

Underground tank farms are built usually in salt caverns or in solid sedimentary rocks.

Underwater tank farms can be built in the concrete foundations of offshore drilling platforms.

Underground and underwater tank farms are fireproof and can eliminate product loss from evaporation.

The general trend in the construction and operation of tank farms are the following: improving safety and reducing wastage of products with a minimum of cost.

Climate controlled units: 
Alarm-protected units: Yes
Vehicle storage: Yes
Business storage: Yes