Deltagebied Vlaardingen owns and operate Storage facilities within the nation and in most European cities, due to this facts our storage activities and very effective to delivery different types of storage to our clients in needs.

We operate the following types of storage facilities

+ Petroleum Storage
+ Chemical Storage
+ Gas Storage
+ Storage of Other Liquids

Deltagebied Vlaardingen has completed projects in high densitypolyethylene, polypropylene, polybutenes, polycarbonates, polyurethane, polystyrene, synthetic fibers, and acrylic emulsions for our high classified clients.

Deltagebied Vlaardingen gas storage facility is a geological structure or artificial reservoir used for gas storage. We work of storage is characterized by two key parameters — capacity and output. The first parameter describes the storage capacity – active and buffer gas volumes. The second index means the daily performance of the selection and gas pumping, the period of storage at maximum capacity.

To destination underground gas storage facilities are subdivided into:

  • basic storage, it is of regional importance and influences the gas transportation system and gas exploration companies;
  • regional storage, it is of district importance and influences consumer groups and parts of the gas transportation system;
  • local storage, it is of local importance and influences certain consumers.

By type of gas storage facilities they distinguish:

  • ground gas storage facility – gas-holder (for storage of natural gas in gaseous form) and isothermal tanks (for storage of the liquefied natural gas);
  • underground gas storage facilities, that mean gas storage in porous structures in salt caverns and mines.

Access Types
Vessels, Barges, Tankers, Rail Cars, Tank Trucks, ISO Container, Jetty, Pipeline, CEPS (Central European Pipeline System) Connection, Tank-to-Tank

Clean Petroleum Products, Petrochemicals, Gases

Tank Sizes
From 700 – To 150,000 cbm

ISO 9001
ISO 50001

Petroleum, Chemical, Gas & other Liquids Storage Location

Europe & Far North Ports
Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Terminal Bendorf (The Netherlands)
Amsterdam B.V., Terminal Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Weser-Tanking, Terminal Bremen
Stolthaven Antwerp N.V., Terminal Antwerp (The Netherlands)
Copenhagen A/S, Terminal Copenhagen
Finland Oy, Terminal Hamina (Finland)
Societa Italiana per l’Oleodotto Transalpino (SIOT) Oil Terminal Italy (Italy)

Asia & Far East Ports
Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah (UAE)
Singapore, Jurong (Singapore)
Qingdao, Tianjin (China)
Ports In Myanmar (Myanmar)

The Americas Ports
Texas City L.P., Terminal Texas City (United State)
Port of Houston
Bluewater SPM (Oil [Export]) – (United State)
Sea Port Oil Terminal (SPOT) (Oil [Export]) – (United State)